Smart Home Integration

Fostar IP Camera:

Electronic Eye of Your Smart
Home System

Smart home system consists of many items that need to work together. It’s important to make sure that all item are compatible and work well together. For years, Fostar has been committed to the practical use of IP camera. In order to address different smart home demands, we can offer SDK to make our products easier to be integrated with other smart home items.

Create Your Customized APP

With Fostar SDK, tailor a highly customized APP to tap the
greatest potential of Fostar IP camera.

Establish Your Cloud Platform

Using Fostar SDK makes it easier for you to establish a
real-time online cloud platform.

Integrate Fostar IP camera into Your Smart Home System

Smart home system includes not only the cameras, but also the intelligent switches or sensors for
lighting, locks, curtain, smoke, water tap and so on. Fostar SDK makes it easier to integrate IP camera
into your customized smart home solution to meet the changing needs of customers.