Deliver Smart Security Products

Nowadays, video surveillance market is of rapid growth, ranging from baby, pet and the elder caring to office and home surveillance. Fostar is committed to providing you a full set of security solution, including various IP cameras and NVR of high quality and stability. Besides, we make it possible to customize your patented design products and realize it beyond your imagination.

Full Customization & Integration

Customized APP, Customized Webpage Access, SDK Integration

  • Self-developed APP, Web and cloud service enable functions customization or special change to meet customers' needs.
  • Fostar provides our customers SDK to make second-integration into their platform or server.
  • Fostar sets the stage for integrators to construct exclusive webpage/web component without the help of Fostar.

Create Your Own Brand Instantly

Established in 2008, Fostar owns almost ten years' experience in manufacturing IP camera and helping our customers enhance their brand reputation. We are always standing with our customers and growing with them step by step.

Choose Fostar, create your own brand with minimal effort and maximum return on investment.

Faster Time to Market

With independent factory, skilled workers and strong R&D team, Fostar ensures the high speed in production and delivery time. We are always trying to give support in the furious competition.

Faster speed to market gives your product a head start in the competition!